"The Doors of Glory"/"Randomosity"

These are tech-based, text-based vector nonsense poems as printed paintings on canvas. Each image is based on a randomized set of words which is then digitally woven and layered into a symmetrical or non-symmetrical dynamic design. The work is an exploration of the existential need for centrality, harmony, proportion and meaning, counterbalanced by the unknown mysteries and endless questions that unfold through seemingly random abstract encounters and messages. Inspired by the Bible code, the Voynich manuscript, Edison's prediction of wireless internet messaging, Charlie Chaplin's speech at the end of the movie The Great Dictator, and other divine and semi-divine relations, this series is a tribute to ideas of glory and spiritual ecstasy within both the mundane and the extraordinary.

Helpful Poisons, 48x96" Digital Print on Canvas

Note: Limited edition prints on paper or canvas in variable sizes available.