What Was Spoken, 18x36" Ink and Acrylic on Canvas

"To the Wild Earth, Rejoicing"

Sumi ink has been used traditionally as an artistic and spiritual practice from the time of the Tang dynasty in China, usually on silk scrolls or rice paper. This Zen influence of minimalism and symbolism has heavily influenced my work. By incorporating Western street art, my own multicultural language, and words and imagery that are personally symbolic, I have translated this ancient art form to bring a new perspective.

"To the Wild Earth, Rejoicing" is an ink landscape series is based on an intuitive painting practice that utilizes water, gravity and hot air to cause fluid movement of the ink and acrylic. Shades of ink are built up and then driven with hot air to form landmasses. 

The scenes are impressions of unexplored landscapes, full of rippling structures, desert, swamp and city scenes, imaginary creatures, fantastic plant life and a re-imagined nature, in all her glory. I am moved by rapid deforestation and the scarcity of non-renewable resources, and I'm interested in ways we can slow down and even repair these processes. Drought, shifting migratory patterns, global warming and changing landscapes are some issues I consider in these works. Forests, bodies of water and skylines change as we change the Earth, and this series is an ode to all that was before us, and all that endures in nature, despite the imperfections and abuses of humanity.