"The Manifest Realm"

These paintings are meant to be aerial views of mountains and ocean waves. They are a metaphorical representation of self-analysis and growth, and how beauty is formed by intuitively and honestly examining one’s weaknesses and flaws, and using dark periods or circumstantial valleys as new surfaces to build on and climb to new heights. Concepts like life and possibility, constancy and change informed these works. Water and mountains relate to these concepts of both gradual and constant change and growth. Landscapes change over time, and so do humans with concentrated effort and reasons. Conversely, the sea is in a state of continual flux, never the same twice, but possessing qualities that are unique to its composition and life-giving purpose, remaining true to itself. This evolution – both daily changes and learning, and long-term crafting of and carving out your highest self – resonated with me. These paintings are part of a visionary metaphorical place I call “The Manifest Realm,” where anything is possible.

The juxtaposition of hardness and softness, sharp angles and peaks, versus soft, fluid, satin-like finishes interested me while working on these paintings. The architectural quality of building on a flat surface to translate a solid ground to an undulating terrain was an exploration into gestural tension and dimensionality. Strips of paper are drenched and painted directly onto the surface of the canvas, which has been pre-painted. The paper is then painted again to create texture and a sense of uniformity. Acrylic, paper and sometimes ink are used to build the surface of these uncharted landscapes or seascapes.